Our Application Security Testing Services

Our application security testing helps you understand the real-world security risks you face and what should be the way forward to address them. We frequently work with companies, organizations, and teams on cyber and application security projects including:

• Web Application Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing
• Cloud Infrastructure Security Assessments
• Mobile Application Security Assessments
• Network Infrastructure Security Assessments
• Application Source Code Reviews
• IoT Internet of Things Pentesting

Our application security testing and assessments help provide assurance to you, your partners, your vendors/suppliers, and most importantly, to your clients and stakeholders. We offer a range of application security testing solutions that let us attack your applications and servers, how attackers would, and then share what you need to do next taking into account your individual commercial, organizational and operational realities. Core to this, whenever we are testing for cyber-security, the reports and output we create for you will always have significant, expert, human input to give you the greatest possible commercial and operational value by containing implementable advice to make you more secure rather than a long list of issues.

We understand that cyber and application security is not always your number one priority, but you would still like to be secure. We know that you need to properly understand all the risks you may face so that you can make the best decisions for your specific circumstances. We provide practical, pragmatic cyber and application security advice that allows you to focus on your business and operations, whilst we help you take care of the security details.
Our straightforward and commercially relevant consulting advice is tailored to be appropriate for whatever stage your security journey is at. The advice and solutions we provide will address the specific problems you seek to solve and have actionable insight to enable you to do so.