Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing Training Course  in Delhi

Penetration Testing Training Course in Delhi is purely a real hardcore practical-based Penetration Testing Course in Delhi. Penetration Testing Training Course in Delhi is based on the process of Penetration Testing of the network, web application, mobile application, etc. Penetration Testing Training Course in Delhi

What Will You Learn in Penetration Testing Training Course in Delhi

Penetration Testing Course in Delhi covers 29 comprehensive modules

Module 01 : Penetration Testing: What You Should Know
Module 02 : Comprehensive Pentest Planning, Scoping, and Recon
Module 03 : In-Depth Scanning
Module 04 : Exploitation
Module 05 : Domain Domination
Module 06 : Getting Comfortable with Kali Linux
Module 07 : Command Line Fun
Module 08 : Practical Tools
Module 09 : Bash Scripting
Module 10 : Passive Information Gathering
Module 11 : Active Information Gathering
Module 12 : Vulnerability Scanning
Module 13 : Web Application Attacks
Module 14 : Introduction to Buffer Overflows
Module 15 : Windows Buffer Overflows
Module 16 : Linux Buffer Overflows
Module 17 : Client-Side Attacks
Module 18 : Locating Public Exploits
Module 19 : Fixing Exploits
Module 20 : File Transfers
Module 21 : Antivirus Evasion
Module 22 : Privilege Escalation
Module 23 : Password Attacks
Module 24 : Port Redirection and Tunneling
Module 25 : Active Directory Attacks
Module 26 : The Metasploit Framework
Module 27 : PowerShell Empire
Module 28 : Assembling the Pieces: Penetration Test Breakdown
Module 29 : Trying Harder: The Labs

Course Duration

• Course Duration: 40 Hours
• Course Level: Intermediate
• Include: Training Certificate
• Language: English, Hindi
• Course Delivery: Classroom Training
• Course pdf: Click here to Download

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Frequently Asked question

About Penetration Testing Training Course in Delhi

Application Penetration Testing Service In India is developed to locate, test, and analyze risks to the company. Its final aim is to safeguard the confidentiality of data within the application.

  • Identify weaknesses at the application level
  • Prevent attacks
  • Secures Sensitive information

  • Practice OWASP
  • Perform an application security audit.
  • Encrypt everything
  • Real-time security monitoring should be followed
  • Keep your servers and software updated

Bytecode Security provide Best VAPT services for startups in India, Singapore, Canada, UK, USA, Dubai

These tests are designed to locate vulnerabilities in the system and providing resolutions to fix them

Bytecode Security provides the Best VAPT services. The company’s valuable viewpoints, suggestions, and ideas are the benchmark for the industry.

Some of them are brute force attacks, injection attacks, and malware

It is mandatory to locate vulnerabilities of the system to make sure that the data is safe from malicious attacker

It is a security analysis of an application against particular application security criteria like those specified by the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP)