Reverse Engineering Training Course in Delhi

Learn the Reverse Engineering Training Course in Delhi from the best mentorship in town providing a senseful and qualitative approach towards a genuine Cyber Security Course to understand the fundamentals of the Reverse Engineering Trainng Course Syllabus in a better way. Craw Security possesses a Dreamtime of expert professionals possessing all needful resources for a better understanding of the sincere Reverse Engineering Training and Certification for the current and prospective students at Saket and Laxmi Nagar institutes.

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Reverse Engineering Training Course Content

Reverse Engineering Training Course in Delhi 9 modules

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Module 01: Introduction to Reverse Engineering
Module 02: Low level perspectives
Module 03: How to disassemble programs into assembly code
Module 04: Breakpoints
Module 05: Stepping through code
Module 06: Exploiting Stack Overflows
Module 07: Modify program behaviour
Module 08: Tools
Module 09: Providing the machine and labs

Reverse Engineering Course Duration

• Course Duration: 40 Hours
• Course Level: Intermediate
• Language: English, Hind
• Course Delivery: Classroom Training
• Include: Training Certificate
• Course pdf: Click here to Download

Reverse Engineering Training Course Review

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