Malware Analysis Course Training Certification

Malware Analysis Course Training Certification: Level Up Your Cybersecurity Skills

Learn all the fundamental concepts of malware analysis course training, which are highly required by many IT organizations in today’s era. Upon completion of this course, learners will be equipped with the skills to extract information from compromised systems or servers that malicious actors have breached. An understudy in the magnificent facilities at the Saket and Laxmi Nagar branches of Craw Security will learn the best malware analysis course training with the help of highly-trained and experienced faculties with 7+ years of experience in the genre.

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Malware Analysis Course Content

Malware Analysis Course Training in Delhi: 17 modules

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Module 01: Introduction Malware Analysis
Module 02: Basic Analysis Technique And Tools
Module 03: Understanding File Format (Lab)
Module 04: Setting Up Your Isolated Environment/Malware Lab (Lab)
Module 05: Static Analysis Basic/Advanced (Practical On Sample) Lab” In Depth
Module 06: Dynamic Analysis Basic/Advanced (Practical On Sample Also On Live Host) “Lab
Module 07: Malware Functionality (Practical Lab)
Module 08: Reverses Engineering (Duration: 2 hours)
Module 09: Assembly Language (Intel X86/64)
Module 10: Basic Programming Structure And Union (Duration-2hr)
Module 11: Debugging Malware (Lab)
Module 12: Working With Dll/Rootkit/Network And Registry/Api Call/Import And String Section (Lab)
Module 13: Code Injection and Extraction (Practical Lab)
Module 14: Advanced Computer And Network Test Form Of Malware Analysis (Lab)
Module 15: Real-Time Attack Monitoring With Irc Logs (Intrent Realy Chat) In Depth “Lab”
Module 16: Overview
Module 17: Report

Malware Analysis Course Online

We understand the premium concern of many candidates who wish to switch their current job profile to that of a certified malware analyst by completing our genuine malware analysis course training in Delhi. However, they do not possess the exact amount of time to physically come to our branches at Saket and Laxmi Nagar in Delhi.

Hence, we have evolved a curriculum that can facilitate our hundreds of potential students to do our malware analysis training online through proper VILT (virtual instructor-led training) sessions under the expert guidance of a malware analysis professional possessing sincere experience in the field for a continuous 8+ years in malware analysis course teaching.

What will you learn in malware analysis training in Delhi?

If you love to play around with the system and its major basic building blocks, and if you think like a thief, then the genuine and authentic Malware Analysis Course for Beginners is just for you. In the coming days, malware analysis will acquire a lot of space to step in to safeguard a private, public, or government organization’s database.

If you are passionate and want to grow as a malware analyst, then you are certainly at the right place to initiate your career journey as a Certified Malware Analyst by completing our Malware Analysis Training Course at the Saket and Laxmi Nagar branches of Craw Security. The institutional branches of Craw Cyber Security Institute provide a genuine level of advanced malware analysis training and certification courses under the guidance of our primetime teaching staff, possessing 12+ years of teaching experience in malware analysis certification courses.

Malware Analysis Course Duration

Course Duration: 60 Hours
Course Level: Intermediate
Language: English, Hindi
Course Delivery: Classroom Training
Include: Training Certificate
Course pdf: Click here to Download

Malware Analysis Course Training Review

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Frequently Asked Question

About Malware Analysis Course Training

The three famous steps of Malware Analysis are mentioned below:

  1. Behavioral,
  2. Code, and
  3. Memory Forensics.

It is important to note that Malware Analysis is to obtain the real cyber criminal who has already committed the crime or doing it at the current time.  It is certainly not an easy thing to obtain all the details of a remote access cyber criminal.  Hence, it causes a lot of mental trauma and stress to detect and catch the real culprit who is behind all the nuisance.

A working malware can be analyzed using two different approaches which are mentioned below:

  1. Static Analysis
  2. Dynamic Analysis

In static analysis, the malware specimen is explored without touching it, instead with the dynamic analysis, the malware is genuinely applied in a restrained as well as solitary manner.

Yes, it is highly in demand as most criminals and crimes are leaving their potential traces of evidence in the form of digital formats inside digital assets.  Anyone who wishes to track the real culprit who has attacked the IT infrastructure of the corresponding organization and play a pivotal role in the organization by serving as a genuine Malware Analyst, a candidate needs to complete a sincere Malware Analysis Course from a recognized institute just like Craw Cyber Security Institute.

Yes, it is a good career to choose a future professional trajectory as most organizations are hiring permanent employees to track and monitor their IT infrastructure for potential cyber threats or cyber attacks before any mishappening and data breaching.

If you wish to switch your career to this magnificent field, then you should enroll in the splendid Malware Analysis Course at Saket and Laxmi Nagar facilities of Craw Cyber Security Institute.

Malware analysis and reverse engineering is the skill of examining malware to know about its working methodology, identification process, and defection or elimination criteria, once it gets, contaminates a working data-handling computer.