Ethical hacking Course

What is ethical hacking?

What is ethical hacking? Many of you may know about it and many don’t. So, we can just keep learning step by step. The digital world is expanding day by day, and you ain’t going to be left behind. So, be ready for everything.

And if we’re talking about digital things, then the online data can’t be left behind either. Where these things revolve, online threats stay too. In the digital world, one of the words that rings the most is “hacking.”.

Skilled people with these kinds of skills can be good or bad in the way they do things. Some people do things in the right way by choosing to provide benefits to the digital world. And some of them are just greedy, and out of greed, they choose the path of deceiving. But whatsoever! We’ll unclog things step by step. Let’s start with hacking!

Hacking! What’s that?

Hacking means optimizing data, websites, or someone else’s account without their consent. For example, you’re a person who’s hacking someone else’s website or database and trying to steal their data for your cause. Next, we should get to the main keyword, Ethical hacking”.

Learn: What is ethical hacking?

Ethical hacking is done by a skilled professional to provide security against an online threat. Many people who are skilled in hacking try to deceive innocent people with their data. And to save themselves, businessmen contact ethical hackers. They check for vulnerabilities, bugs, loopholes, and many other things that can put the data in danger.

Many people choose the profession of ethical hacking or penetration testing. And they think about these things as the best career options for life and growth. Why? There can be many reasons. That’s because many website owners and bank representatives lose hope after a loss of data is hacked by a hacker. You can take ethical hackers as “antivenom to venom.”.

Penetration testing is one of the important parts of cyber security. This can help identify vulnerabilities in computer systems, websites, networks, and applications. After penetration, ethical hackers can solve the issues much faster. Resolving matters related to data will be done with pace too.

Cyber Security Threats

Everyone is aware of online threats and cybercrimes happening worldwide. And these cases are increasing day by day. To stop them digitally, you’ll have to take precautions and, at the same time, “remedy. The remedy to this issue is to contact a cyber expert.

These kinds of crimes can be done by sitting on a lousy couch or a single screen. And anonymously, 100s of systems can be jacked by a single system. How’s that?

Types of ethical hacking

There are five types of ethical hacking. Here, we will talk about them.

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Types of ethical hacking

You’ll see five kinds of ethical hacking, which are written down below.

Types Definition
Web Application Hacking This is the process of interfering with the URI by using the Visual Chrome Browser over HTTP. Or collusion with HTTP aspects not stored in the URL.
System Hacking Simply put, we can say that system hacking is the process of getting control of a personal computer over a network via system hacking. Some types are: (i) password busting; (ii) phishing; (iii) malicious software construction; and (iv) packet sniffing.
Web server hacking An application web server generates data in real time on its system server. So attackers use their techniques to grab credentials, passwords, and company data right from the web server.
Hacking wireless networks Wireless networks use radio waves to transmit signals. So hackers can easily access the system from a nearby location. To discover, identify, and build a wireless network, these individuals use network snorting.
Social Engineering Social engineering is the art of manipulating people so they can give some confidential data. This data can be used in any cybercrime activity by cybercriminals.

How many types of hackers are there?

There are three types of hackers that are listed below

               Types of hackers


              White Hat             Gray Hat                 Black Hat
White-hat hackers are also known as ethical hackers and are cyber security experts.

They support the government and businesses by performing penetration testing. That is just to identify the security flaws.

These hackers always use techniques to protest against black-hat hackers and cybercriminals.

Gray-hat hackers stand in the middle of white-hat hackers and black-hat hackers.

They can be partial or generous. Nobody ever saw them using their skills for personal means.

Black-hat hackers are the main delinquents in cybercrime.

They look for loopholes in computers, businesses, and banking systems.

These people can hack your networks and intrude on your business data gallery. Sometimes your personal information.




The best thing about Ethical Hackers

They test the security level in a network
Professionals in creating penetration testing reports
They perform penetration testing on the systems
Once the issue is found, they search for the best security solutions for troubleshooting.
Also, they verify the organization’s system and network while finding vulnerable entry points to the system.
Documenting the security flaws and vulnerabilities is their priority.

Careers and jobs in Ethical hacking

Oh! Do you want to become an ethical hacker? To know “What is Ethical Hacking??” you must find a certified Ethical Hacking Institute. And after the clearance of your course, you don’t need to worry about placements. There is no shortage of ethical hacking jobs in the world. This is also the fastest-growing industry in the international business field.

In India, there is a high demand for cyber security analysts, consultants, and engineers to fill reputed IT companies.

The initial salary of an entry-level certified hacker in India for a fresher is approximately 5 to 7 lakhs per year. In rupees, that would be 41k to 58k per month

Work as a Freelancer

There are various opportunities for freelancing. First, complete the ethical hacking course from a verified cyber security training institute. Then you can try doing some work for others. That would be a great approach for a better future.

Who can pursue this course?

Those who think that there is anybody who can’t pursue based on their stream can be relieved. That’s because there’s no law or any written legal thing that says you, as a student of science, commerce, or art, can’t pursue this.

These courses are available for everybody who’s seeking knowledge in this field. So, everybody can be relieved.  Whether you’re a 10th, standard student, or 12th, or maybe in college or a job, you can pursue your dream.

Q&A Related to ethical hacking

  1. Can we pursue ethical hacking after the 12th?
    Yes, you can pursue ethical hacking after the 12th. There’s no legal restriction or obligation that stops an individual from pursuing such courses.
  2. Is job placement guaranteed after taking an ethical hacking course?
    Yes, you can pursue ethical hacking after the 12th. There’s no legal restriction or obligation that stops an individual from pursuing such courses.
  3. Can I get training in Delhi for ethical hacking?
    Definitely! Every year, hundreds of thousands of placements vote out ethical hackers who have done this course. There is a genuine reason behind this. You know that every company has been digitalized for years. So, the fear of online threats has increased. That’s why the demand for such cyber experts has also increased. Yes! You can pursue ethical hacking in Delhi. And there are three top institutes available in Delhi that are providing an “ethical hacking course.”.
    Craw Security

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After all the discussion at the top, we can say there’s a lot to learn about ethical hacking. And you can give it a go if you like. Whether it is hacking or security performance, you need to go to the best people. So, now, Bytecodeindia is giving you the chance to get the best tutors to work for you and train you to be the best performer in the cyber field. Contact us via mail.

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