what is

cyber forensics

Cyber forensics in the simplest words means investigating, gathering, and analyzing information from a computer device which can then be transformed into hardware proof to be presented in the court regarding the crime in question.

Is cyber forensics a good career?

A career in the forensics sciences can be a big hit in the upcoming  future. A career in Computer Forensics is truly rewarding..because it is  the pop-culture reference for the specialization of digital forensics in forensic sciences.

Skill Required

Technical Aptitude

Analytical Skills

Attention to  detail

Understanding of cyber security basics





Top 5

Job with Cyber Forensics

1. Computer Forensics Investigator

2.Computer Forensics  Technician

3.Information Security Analyst

4.Forensic Computer Analyst

Disc Pie Chart

cyber attack

Due to the increasing rate of cyber attack every single year, agencies from across the world are spending a huge amount of money on best talents from Cyber Forensics.

how to protect yourself from cyber attack


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