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Cyber Security Course after 10th and 12th has been offered by BytecodeBytecode is a Cyber security Institute located in Laxmi NagarDelhi. Many students nowadays thinking about getting into something digital. Our lives getting digitalized every second/ per minute. Information and technology get hyped up every time something gets a changes in trend.

Everyone knows that the Cyberworld is upgrading day by day. In this world of technology, many skillful people are providing their services. Some of them are using technology for good reasons. Even though the technology is in good hands there are several people misusing the techniques and tools to earn monetary assets. They threaten people in exchange for data.

These people barged into the private networks of offices, organizations, or a commoner’s database. Via that database, they take confidential information regarding their consumers. Sometimes it can be the confidential marketing strategy of an organization. So, this data count as precious assets for the company.

To protect this data companies hire Cyber Security Professionals. These professionals handle several networks and systems in various departments of the company. Now, to fill those jobs they need certified Cyber Security Professionals. Where do they find these professionals? Do they exist without any acknowledgment? Nope! That can’t happen! These professionals are certified by a reputed institution.

Join a Cyber Security Course in Delhi

Delhi is the capital of India and there are several honorable institutes introducing various programs for that a student can sign up. But among them, the best option would CEH Cyber Security Course in Delhi. What! Why? The simplest answer for this would be that it covers the Cyber security concept from the foundational knowledge.

These students from the IT field can pursue their dream of becoming professional ethical hackers. This course introduces students to the dynamic field of Cyber security. After completing this course, students will be able to serve companies with a designation they can proudly accept.

After becoming a certified ethical hacker, you can choose two ways according to your preference. One way is to get appointed an employee and work for the company. The second one is to be a teacher and teach students in institutes so there’s nothing to worry about job preferences.

What comes inside this course and why students should join this course?

This course presents various aspects of Cyber security to students and those are as follows:

  • Ethical Hacking Course
  • Penetration Testing Course
  • Cyber Forensics with FTK Tool
  • Advanced Networking Course
  • Web Application Security Course
  • Mobile Application Security Course
  • Python Language Course
  • Linux Essential Course
  • End-Point-Security Course
  • Iot Pentesting Course

Other than this there is a lot to learn. Cyber security involves providing security against online threats that threatens organizational data. A virus may enter your system and create its copies until the whole system crashes. Other than this, malware can run several operations on a system and may delete data on its own which can create issues.

Cyber Security Course Duration

The longest time duration of this course is 6 months to 1 year. Well, the simplest reason for this is that the syllabus is too vast, and there are many things a student will learn.

Online Cyber Security Course after 12th

Cyber Security Course online is available at BytecodeBytecode gives the opportunity to students to learn Cyber Security Course after 12th even if they possibly can’t come to the offline course. Teachers will bring the class online and help out students learn the best of it. We know everything is available online, but consultancy is something that needs quality so the students won’t regret enrolling for it. We provide the best tutoring services in Delhi NCR.

Cyber Security Course after 12th Fees

Cyber Security Course fees are a major issue for students who sincerely want to make their future. However, because of monetary issues they just have to back off from the way of their dreams. Bytecode understands the value of dreams and passion for learning. So, we offer this course on a pocket-friendly budget. Even the students not own a wealthy background can accomplish their goals to be professional ethical hackers.

Cyber Security Course Syllabus

The Cyber Security Course syllabus contains a wide range of topics. These include the following:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cyber Security Course
  • Cisco
  • Diploma Courses
  • Cloud Technology
  • CompTIA
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8

Students will be introduced to the dynamic and vast knowledge of Cyber security. Students who want to pursue Cyber Security Course after 10th and 12th can learn many things in the period of 6 months to 1 year. In this phase of time, they will know how the network system works, and how the data gets transmitted from one system to another. Also, they’ll know the techniques that will be used to observe, find, and rectify the systematic loopholes. That may cause trouble for the organizations. With these techniques, they will be able to solve issues for MNCs and earn a great value for that. Jobs for Cyber Security Experts aren’t limited to India, the students will be able to get job letters from abroad.

Frequently Asked Questions | Cyber Security Course

Can we do Cyber Security Course after 10th?

Totally! There are several institutes that may allow you to sign up for this course after the 10th. However, the best institute that will provide you with the best premises for fresh batches can be Bytecode Cyber securityBytecode plans everything according to students’ preferences.

Who is eligible for Cyber Security Course?

Different institutes have different eligibility criteria. There can be a difference in what an institute demand from a student. In the case of Bytecode, you need not worry about enrollment. Here, you just need some knowledge in the IT field and you must pass your 10th standard from a reputed educational board.

Which diploma is best for Cyber security?

CEH Cyber Security Course can be the best diploma course you can fill up for. Students are in need of a student base syllabus. A subject that can be easily understood is the demand of today’s generation. Heavy books only burden the person does not make any improvement in the skills of students. Bytecode introduces students to the best highly qualified teachers and a state of the art. This environment makes them more enthusiastic, and optimistic.

4 How to Become a Cyber Security Engineer in 2022?

First, gather the information that where you can get the best Cyber security coaching institute. This will help you to gain the first accomplishment. Second, you need to check out the study environment of that institute, unless you want to enroll in an institute that only focuses on completing the syllabus. Bytecode can give you the facility and faculty that matches the requirements.

How to Become Cyber Security Expert after 10th or 12th class?

Join Bytecode, and sign up for CEH Cyber Security Course. Even if you want to become a Cyber Security Expert after 10th or 12th class that will be possible. Here, you’ll see transparency in the terms and practices of teachers. Classes that make you learn more are available here.

Why You Should Study a Cyber security Degree in 2022?

Even if you want to become a professional or wanted to choose the path in which you want to make sure the safety of your family accounts from online threats this can be the course you must complete. Nothing is more important than the confidential data of a person’s private life. Then you should take this opportunity to learn from the most of it.

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