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What is a Web Application Penetration Testing?

A web application penetration test is a method where we can identify and exploit vulnerabilities of web application. Its act is to classify possible flaws in the web application to assure the application is protected.


Information regarding the web application is collected and used as attack throughout during penetration testing. Intrudo Cyber Security Solutions will also attempt to collect secret data or information, which is not disclosed to any external or unauthorised entity.


Discover a type of vulnerability scanners are used to find vulnerabilities within web application. Scan results are then analysed to confirm vulnerabilities, eliminate false positives and divide into critical, high, medium, low & informational.


Once have you got vulnerabilities, after that you would be search the exploits for those vulnerabilities and identify it, is there any sensitive information can be gathered from them.. These activities are all undertaken based on client agreement.


Intrudo Cyber Security Solutions reports all findings of the web application penetration test with risk ratings along with recommendations on solving the issues found in the web application.

Penetration Testing Basis on OWASP Top 10:

  SQL Injection
  Broken Authentication & Session Management
  XSS- Cross-Site Scripting
  Insecure Direct Object References
  Security Misconfiguration
  Sensitive Data Exposure
  Missing Function Level Access Control
  CSRF- Cross-Site Request Forgery
  Using Components With Known Vulneabilities
  Unvalidated Redirects & Forwards