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Network Penetration Testing

Modern day hackers will find weaknesses in your network, what they only need is time. That is why identifying vulnerabilities before hackers can exploit it. Our penetration testing uses ethical hacking and controlled exploits to identify weaknesses in your network, so you know your security posture.

Vulnerability Scans

A traditional vulnerability scan is performed using an automated security scanner that detects patterns and signatures that match a pre-defined set of vulnerabilities. However, scans are not capable of understanding critical business functions or important security controls. So don’t always trust on vulnerability scan.

Penetration Testing

Vulnerability scans may result in missing critical security flaws and insecure configurations. Relying on just vulnerability scan might get you in trouble.

So we offer penetration testing as well. Our manual penetration tests leverages the knowledge provided by vulnerability scanners and goes beyond it to analyze and make decisions on how to best protect your network.

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