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Mobile Applications Penetration Testing

Mobile applications are very important part of our day by day lives. They are used for Mobile Banking, buying and capturing fitness facts among other non-public information. This makes them the right goal for cyber criminals.

When developing mobile application

When developing mobile applications, it’s important to analysis for vulnerabilities during the apps development – now not just when the mobile application development is complete. When penetration testing is covered as a part of the mobile application improvement method, vulnerabilities can be diagnosed early allowing developers to make vital adjustments before the app is complete. this saves of development costs and ensures the very last product is secure.

Top 10 Mobile Risks

  Weak Server Side Controls
  Insecure Data Storage
  Insufficient Transport Layer Protection
  Unintended Data Leakage
  Poor Authorization & Authentication
  Broken Cryptography
  Client Side Injection
  Security Decisions Via Untrusted Inputs
  Improper Session Handling
  Lack of Binary Protection

What we do?

Intrudo’s mobile application penetration checking out simulates a real hacker and what they could do to access exclusive facts. Throughout testing we simulate multiple attacks combining technology used for web programs as well as equipment particular to cell packages.

After analysis, we provide a complete documentation that offers risk ratings and tips on fixing the troubles found in the cellular app.

For more information about mobile application penetration testing, please contact to any our specialists today.