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Cisco Certified Network Associate

CISCO Certified Network Associate

CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) certification is offered by CISCO. It shows the ability to install, configure, operate and rectify network related problems in cisco routers & switches. It Indicates a foundation in and apprentice & knowledge of networking in LAN, WAN & dial access services for small networks and makes you aware of various protocols like RIP, EIGRP, OSPF etc.

Ethical hacking and CCNA
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 ALL Virtual Machines and Virtual Environment for Students who attend trainings.
 DVD with tools , Videos , Practice Tests , Virtual Labs.
 Audio and Video Tutorials which will help in doing practical sessions at your study desk also.
 Written Test Voucher Code.
 Online Test Voucher Code.

  Official Training by certified instructors.
  Head-2-Head training by Certified Subject matter experts.
  Highly interactive lectures, group exercises, and review sessions.
  Intensive Hands-on Training.
  2 years membership of bytecode international training group.
  Chance to become country representative for bytecode.
  Certification Exam Fees Included.
  Individual study environment.
  Training Environment.
  Practical live hacking
  Concept based training
  24/7 High speed internet connectivity
  Limited candidates in class
  Stay, food( breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  Post training support after training & certification.

Course Content     Download

Module 01 : LAYERED MODELS + -
Module 01 : Web Hacking Case Studies Module 03: Session Layer, Transport Layer.
Module 02: Application Layer, Presentation Layer. Module 04: Network Layer, Data link Layer, Physical Layer .
Module 02 : TCP/IP + -
Module 01 : Introduction to TCP/IP. Module 03: Internet Layer Protocols
Module 02: Transport Layer Protocols (TCP, UDP).
Module 01 : IP Addressing Classes. Module 03: Super netting.
Module 02: Subnet Masks and Sub netting. Module 04: Determining Broadcast & Network Address
Module 01 : Booting a Router and setup mode. Module 03: Passwords & Line Console Commands.
Module 02: The Command-line Interface. Module 04: Interface Configuration setting.
Module 05: Verifying & Debugging the Configuration.
Module 05 : BUILDING A NETWORK + -
Module 01 : Configuring a Router and Switch. Module 03: Continued Router Configuration.
Module 02: Verifying Configuration and Duplex Settings Module 04: Continued Switch Configuration
Module 01 : Backing up & restoring startup configuration & IOS. Module 04: Ping and Trace.
Module 02: Booting IOS from TFTP Server. Module 05: Understanding configuration register.
Module 03: Cisco Discovery Protocol. Module 06: Recovering the password.
Module 07 : IP ROUTING + -
Module 01 : Routing Basics. Module 04: Configuring Dynamic IP routing using RIP, IGRP..
Module 02: Managing static & Dynamic Routes. Module 05: Managing & configuring OSPF & EIGRP.
Module 03: Configuring static IP Routing. Module 06: Avoiding routing loops using split horizon, route poisoning.
Module 08 : SWITCHING + -
Module 01 : Working concept of Switch. Module 02: Spanning Tree Protocol (STP).
Module 09 : VIRTUAL LANS + -
Module 01 : VLAN membership. Module 04: ISL Routing & Frame tagging.
Module 02 : VLAN Configuration & VTP. Module 05: Perform LAN & VLAN troubleshooting.
Module 03 : Assigning Ports.
Module 10 : ACCESS LISTS + -
Module 01 : Access Lists Commands. Module 04: Extended Access Lists.
Module 02 : Standard IP Access List. Module 05: Securing a Network Site with Access list
Module 03 : Wildcard Cards Implementing an Access List.
Module 11 : WAN + -
Module 01 : WAN Connection Types ISDN, X.25, Leased line and Frame-Relay. Module 05: Frame Relay configuration.
Module 02 : Connection protocols. Module 06: Subinterfaces in Frame-Relay.
Module 03 : Dial-on-Demand Routing. Module 07: Troubleshooting and Debugging Tools.
Module 04 : Dial-on-Demand Routing.

Course Details   CISCO Certified Network Associate Certification Exam
Training Mode   Offensive/Defensive
Course Duration   60-80 Hours (Instructor-Led Training) 2 Hours / 8 Hours / 4 Hours Per Day
Exam Code   CCNA
Exam Duration   4 Hours (Written)
Exam Duration   8 Hours (Lab Challenge)
Exam Fee   600 USD (Written + Lab Challenge)
Credits   25 Credits (Towards DIS10:Diploma in Information Security)

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Acc. Name : "Bytecode Cyber Security Pvt Ltd"
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Event Speakers

Mohit Yadav

Entrepreneur, Speaker

Vikas Dubey





I liked how there were lots of hands on examples in practical sesseion in Bytecode Cyber Security and explanation of what the tools were actually doing not just how to use them. I plan on taking Advanced Ethical Hacking and Wireless Security from Bytecode Cyber Security at New Delhi, and I enjoyed the instructor’s experience in the security domain.

Vikas Sharma
Ethical Hacking & Ciountermeasure

Bytecode Cyber Security have a real competent teacher: not a teacher but somebody who works with it. The instructor is simply great! He knows all the topic and he is a Team Builder, making the atmosphere nice and relaxed. I would rate him 10/10!!!!

Priyanka Dubey
Web Application Vulnerability

The instructor had great experience that he can share with the class and was very helpful in explaining concepts & making sure we know what is being said. I really got a lot out of the lab work, I was surprised the labs were so involved and I really learned much from them.

Yashi Sain
Ethical Hacking & Countermeasure

I feel extremely fortunate and humbled to have been taught by such an expert instructor in Bytecode Cyber Security! I liked the expert knowledge of the instructor, and his ability to clearly demonstrate it.

Sumit Kaushik
Penetration Testing & Security Analyst